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Who We Are ?


We use the latest technologies to support social development within the scope of different engineering services.

Our main goal is to provide safer working spaces to our customers operating in different sectors.

We design and manufacture AVEVO branded fume and dust extraction systems.


Our machines, which we produce in accordance with international standards, are used safely in many areas of the industry.


We constantly follow the developing technologies while designing our products that we deliver to many users around the world..

Avevo Clever™ software
avevo duman emiş kontrolü
avevo duman emiş sistemleri

Our Mission

We produce professional solutions for all industrial dust and fumes, especially for welding

We provide sustainable service with our competent after-sales services. We also provide support at all times with comprehensive maintenance contracts.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

-Albert Einstein-

Main Values


We produce innovative solutions with continuous R&D and design studies.


We adopt transparent and honest policies at every stage.


At every stage of sales and after-sales services, we keep all our communication channels open and provide the fastest response.

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