Avevo MSU100 duman emiş ünitesi

MSU 100eco

Economic single arm mobile extraction unit

MSU 100eco is the most compact and economical product of the Avevo mobile series. Our product, which has a cleanable cartridge filter, offers high suction performance and ideal filtration rate.

MSU100 highlights

Innovative air solutions...

Cleanable Filter Cartridge

The filter cartridge can be easily cleaned while on the machine. Class M filter cartridge provides more than 99% filtration.


Easy to Use

It provides easy use thanks to the suction arm that can rotate 360 degrees and the suction hood that can move in all directions.


High Suction Performance

It offers much more performance than many competitors with an average suction performance of 1300 cubic meters / hour (765 cfm) in the hood.


Anti-Spark Plate

In order to minimize the risk of sparks and coarse particles reaching the filter surface, there is a plate positioned on the filter.