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welding fume extractor

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry FORD


Officially registered design.

Innovative fume extraction unit

MSU Dynamic ™ is the newest product of the Avevo mobile series.

MSU Dynamic ™, which offers single or double arm usage options, has classic and digital control panel options.


The unit, which has rotary filter cleaning equipment as standard, can be supplied with jet-pulse filter cleaning equipment optionally.


EC Motor
Composite Fan

Our machine is equipped with EC motor and composite fan, which offer much higher efficiency.

welding fume extraction control panel

Digital Control Panel (optional)

The digital control panel (5" touch-screen) offers the opportunity to monitor and change many parameters with our Clever™ software. Its design is 100% owned by our company.

avevo clever software

Easy to Use

It provides easy use thanks to the suction arm that can rotate 360 degrees and the suction hood that can move in all directions.

Pipe type arms with external mechanism with gas spring or hose type arms with internal mechanism can be preferred.

fume extraction turkey
duman emici mesh filtre

Anti Spark Pre-Filters

These washable filters prevent sparks and trap coarse particles to extend filter life.


Practical Filter Cleaning

Rotary filter cleaning equipment with officially registered design is available as standard. Jet-pulse cleaning system is also available upon request.

avevo dynamic cover switch


Thanks to the safety switches on the machine covers, the machine is prevented from being operated while the covers are open.

High Suction Performance

It offers much more performance than many competitors with an average suction performance of 1300 m³/ h (765 cfm) at the hood.

extractor de humos de soldadura
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