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avevo msu350eco welding fume extractor

MSU 350 eco

Economic double arm mobile fume extraction unit

MSU 350 eco is a double arm mobile welding fume extractor designed for semi professional use.

The unit, which has a cleanable cartridge filter and special dust collection bucket.

The MSU 350eco is suitable for all users who need an economical double arm product. The quality of the materials used in the product has not been compromised.

Quality, performance and affordable price combined in this product.


Patented Dust Collection System

This system extends the filter life by at least 30%. It minimizes the health risks of employees in dust discharge processes.

avevo easybin system
avevo msu350eco

Cleanable Filter Cartridge

The filter cartridge can be easily cleaned while on the machine. EPA F9 nanofiber FR filter cartridge provides more than 99% filtration.


Optionally; Automatic Filter Cartridge Cleaning

Our design registered rotary type filter cleaning equipment is offered as an option.
We can also offer a jet-pulse filter cleaning system upon request.

avevo msu350eco fume extractor

Easy to Use

It provides easy use thanks to the suction arm that can rotate 360 degrees and the suction hood that can move in all directions.

Pipe type arms with external mechanism with gas spring or hose type arms with internal mechanism can be preferred.


Anti-Spark Plate

In order to minimize the risk of sparks and coarse particles reaching the filter surface, there is a plate positioned on the filter.

avevo guard filter protection
kaynakhane havalandırma

High Suction Performance

It offers much more performance than many competitors with an average suction performance of 1200 m³/ h at the hood.

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