avevo soldering fume extraction

HV 160

HV 160 high vacuum unit; It has a wide range of uses such as soldering fumes, laser fumes, dental applications.

Simple operation & Low cost of ownership.


Suitable to 2 users at the same time

With our HV 160 unit, 2 people can solder at the same time.

HV160 soldering fume extractor


A cyclone pre-separator option is available for the recovery of precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) dusts.

Lehimleme devre kartı

Not Noisy

It does not disturb users with its 58 dB sound emission.

If you need a much quieter product, check out our HV 250 machine.

High Suction Performance

It offers much more performance than many competitors with a high suction performance.


  • 0.21 kW 

  • Air flow up to 160 m³/h

  • 23.5 kg device weight (excluding arm/s)

  • Galvanized steel body, industrial powder coating

  • Suitable for use with 2 arms at the same time

  • H13 class HEPA main filter 

  • Activated carbon filter

  • G4 fiber filter to extend HEPA filter life

  • Optional wired (coming soon) remote control

  • Satisfactory fume and dust extraction 

  • 400x400x400 mm body size

  • Mobility with 4 wheels