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Avevo ALP filter tower
Avevo ALP CFD analysis
Avevo ALP CFD analysis
Avevo ALP CFD analysis

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
Alan KAY



It is not always possible to filter welding fumes and volatile dusts by absorbing them with local fume extraction systems in large areas of welded manufacturing.

For this reason, some companies around the world produce hall ventilation towers and ensure that the particle and gas density in the environment is in line with the laws and regulations related to occupational safety.

Some of these towers absorb and filter the particles from a lower level and use high blowing method, while some manufacturers suck from high and give the clean air back to the working environment.

The second method works with the same logic as a layered ventilation or displacement ventilation system and is more beneficial.

However, in this system, the cloud of smoke accumulating on the parts of the towers may visually disturb some users. And the particles that accumulate at this height have the risk of sprinkling back into the environment.

AVEVO engineers have studied the advantages and disadvantages of both systems for years and designed a hybrid system. In this system, where patent application is also made, users can change the direction of return of the cleaned air to the environment whenever they want.

- completely from the top

- completely below

- Or mixed in different proportions

It's that easy ...


We offer our "A.L.P welding hall ventilation filter tower" as two models.

1. Digital model: It has a 10.1 " touch screen. In this model, which is also supported by particle and gas sensors, the EC engine speed is automatically adjusted according to the pollutant density.

2. Classic model: Does not have a screen. Sensors are also not available on this model. On the control panel on the machine, there is an on / off button, cycle adjustment button and a manual filter cleaning button for necessary situations.

Standard equipment on both models:

- Automatic jet pulse filter cleaning system

- EPA F9 nanofiber FR filter cartridges

- EC motor and composite fan technology

- Gas type fire extinguishing system

- Cover safety switches


AC or EC Motor
Composite Fan

Our machine can be equipped with EC motor and composite fan, which offer much higher efficiency.

Efficiency ηstatA : 65.7%
ErP class: 2015 | Integrated EC control unit
Current (ΙDP): 7.73 A
Electrical power input per fan (Psys): 5083 W

ALP kule fan section.jpg
kaynakhane havalandırma kulesi

Classic Control Panel

Many features are offered in our standard model with a classic control panel.
- Bottom and top fresh air blowing adjustment
- Fan speed adjustment
- Automatic pulse jet filter cleaning
- Manual filter cleaning button when needed
- Automatic fire extinguishing system
- Manual fire extinguishing button when needed



Essentially, when we started, we designed a total indoor air quality control concept, not a tower.

Users can observe the amount of particles and gases in the environment via the 10.1 "touch screen (With Digital panel). In the software, the legal upper limits of these pollutants have been entered in advance and can be rearranged when desired. When the pollutant level exceeds the detection value, users are warned on the screen.


Thanks to the PC and mobile device monitoring and control (coming with version 2) feature, managers can instantly monitor the indoor air quality of the production hall and file retrospective graphics and reports.


EC motor technology guarantees higher efficiency with lower energy consumption.


In addition, thanks to our software, when particle density decreases, the motors automatically start to operate at a lower speed and prevent unnecessary energy consumption. (With Digital model)


Again, in order to reduce energy consumption, we offered the timer system as standard (With Digital model). It is enough to set multiple opening and closing times for each day of the week.


Did the oxygen rate in the workplace fall below the legal value? No problem; The air intake feature will be activated automatically (coming with version 2).


In some areas of the work area, smoke and particles may become more concentrated. In this case, our  A.L.P. towers can communicate with each other and help each other. While the tower in the area with less particles is operating at low speed, it starts to operate at maximum speed to assist the other tower. The tower requesting help switches to the upper blowing only option and directs the blowing nozzles to the auxiliary tower and pushes the excess smoke towards that tower. Thus, while cleaning the halls more efficiently, the filter life of towers exposed to dense particles is also extended.

A complete teamwork ... (coming with version 2)

Avevo Clever control panel
ALP kule filter housing.jpg
ALP kule jet pulse section.jpg
avevo fire extinguishing system


While designing the product, we prioritized safety.

Despite the risk of burning of the filters, our automatic fire extinguishing system is standard in our product.


Since our fire extinguishing system is gas type, it does not damage the machine and prevents re-ignition.


In the event of a possible fire, the system runs the fire algorithm and extinguishes the fire. The user only renews the filters damaged by the fire and continues to work.



Thanks to the safety switches on the machine covers, the machine is prevented from being operated while the covers are open.

Electrical and mechanical tests of the product are carried out meticulously. Maximum care is taken in the selection of equipment to prevent possible accidents.

We designed the entire electrical system according to LVD and EMC standards.


By using anti-vibration feet, we made the product safer when working.

In order not to cause auditory disturbances, the sound level of our product has been set to a very low level (less than 70 dB) .

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